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This product is is kiln dried to 12% for use in a normal domestic environment. Parquet is available in two qualities AMBIANCE & RUSTIC - more information please click here


WIDTH: 90 mm & 140 mm

LENGTHS: The mixed lengths available are between 0,60m and 2,50m. The lengths are tongue & grooved on each edge & end.

WEIGHT: 11 kg / m²


The parquet flooring is quick & easy to install thanks to the interlocking tongue and grove profile along the length and ends of each piece. During installation it  is possible to mix the two widths in alternate rows.


The underside of each piece has machine planed feather edge to give an appearance of interior cladding. This gives a more aesthetic finish if the parquet is visible from below i.e. a mezzanine.

Installation Advice


Prior to beginning your project we advise that the parquet is stored for a period of time under conditions similar to its intended use. This will minimise the risk of deformation due to variations in humidity & temperature.


The parquet is nailed to support battens or joists with 45 cm maximum centres.


Battens: we offer kiln dried machine planed ( 45mm x 50 mm) or rough sawn Douglas (53 mm x 60 mm) in 2.50 m lengths. Refer to our Battens & Laths page


Joists: We can also provide kiln dried machine planed Douglas in various widths.  Refer to our Douglas Framing Timber page.

Tips: we recommend 45 to 55 mm panel pins, nailed at an angle in the tongue. Parquet can also be nailed directly  with 55 mm pins. In this case, the nail will be visible.


Expansion margin: Leave 1 cm of clearance on each side of the room between the wall and the first piece of parquet to allow for expansion of the wood. This space will then be hidden by the skirting board. 


Soundproofing: To minimise noise that passes through the floor the parquet can be nailed onto strips of cork or insulating felt (of Phaltex type) placed or glued on the joist.


Floating installation: the term "floating parquet" refers to a installation where the parquet is not nailed. It is either glued or simply laid.


Collage: our solid parquet is designed for a nailed installation. However, if laying on joists is impossible, given the height available under the doors, for example, glueing can be done on a felt subfloor (Phaltex type, 5 mm minimum thickness). Lay or glue the felt, gluing the parquet board in the middle along its length, glue the blades to the felt. Never glue the blades together.



Once installed we advise a light sanding to achieve the best results. Our parquet flooring will accept all types of finish: wax, oil, varnish...

Larch Skirting Boards


For a clean transition between walls & floor we propose our larch skirting - known as plinthes. These are available in lengths ranging from 1,20m to 2,50m width 95 mm & 13 mm thickness. Like our parquet & interior cladding, skirting boards are available in two qualities, Ambiance and Rustic. Our skirting has a 45 ° chamfer visible along its upper length with a corresponding chamfer along the bottom edge of each length to help with installation on uneven surfaces.


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