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Our Larch cladding is sourced exclusively from locally grown timber. Intended for exterior use the  heartwood conforms to the tolerance of 10% sapwood specified in the Annexes to DTU 31.2. Whilst you may find some traces of sapwood in individual pieces we make every effort to ensure this minimal.

Machine Profiled Larch Cladding

The planed Larch cladding "Elegi" is quick & easy to install thanks to the interlocking tongue and grove profile along the length and ends of each piece.



WIDTH: 130 mm

LENGTH: 1.20m , 1.60m , 2m, 2.40m & 2.50m

WEIGHT: 11 kg / m²

Open Jointed Cladding “Claire Voie”

Open Jointed Cladding “Claire Voie”


Our Claire Voie machine profiled Larch cladding is designed for external use.


This cladding is not tongue & groove & can be fitted horizontally or vertically with 8 to 10 mm spacing between each piece.


This cladding is exclusively sourced from heartwood & is available uniquely in standard quality. 



WIDTH: 75 mm

LENGTH: 1.30 m , 1.90 m and 2.50 m

WEIGHTt: 11 kg / m²


Square Edged Fresh Sawn Cladding

With versatility for a wide range of projects we propose fresh sawn Larch cladding. With its rough profile this cladding melts into the rural landscape. It is equally suitable for homebuilding, barns, sheds, gazebos & other garden structures. This larch cladding can be lapped or fitted vertically in a board and batten arrangement.


In both scenarios support battens will be spaced at approximately 40cm centres. We recommend the use of a weatherproof membrane when a perfect water seal is required.


Our fresh sawn cladding is exclusively sourced from heartwood & is available uniquely in standard quality.


The boards are square edged.


WIDTHS: 107mm & 134mm

LENGTH: 2.50m

WEIGHT: 11,2kg / m2

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